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Author of Princess of Wind and Sea

Today, we’re with Cassandra Finnerty, to talk about her upcoming release, Princess of Wind and Sea.

Q: Princess of Wind and Sea is your second novel. Can you tell us about the story?

Yes, it’s the sequel to the Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water.

The story begins after Aisling and the prince leave the East Kingdom, in 1773.

In the first novel, Aisling inherits a fleet of ships and secret powers. She’s given a quest to help Prince Drayaen and King Yi fight dark forces in the East Kingdom.

As she and the Prince battle for survival, they fall in love and are married in the Palace of the Cherry Blossoms.

After a brief visit to the Island of Crystal Waters for their honeymoon, they embark on a journey back to Ireland.

The second book follows their trek across the globe as they fight formidable enemies. Aisling is given a second challenge and has twelve months to achieve her mission.

She must change history.

Q; Can you tell us some of the locations in book two?

There are a number of exotic locales in The Princess of Wind and Sea. Aisling’s ships travel through the Straits of Melaka to India and then on to the island of Mauritius. A pivotal location in the book is the fictional Kingdom of Lions, where her powers are tested. There are other exciting places that are highlighted, including Gibraltar, Spain, France, England, and Ireland.

Q: What kind of challenges do Aisling and Prince Drayaen face as they trek across the globe?

As their enemies become more formidable, Aisling realizes her limitations. Due to unforeseen incidents, her power increases during their journey. As she’s adjusting, so is the prince. He realizes that her control over the environment is growing while his is diminishing. It’s a difficult situation. As they battle for survival, they must rely on each other and make some challenging decisions.

Q: Is there another book, after Princess of Wind and Sea?

Yes, it’s called Princess of the Emerald Valleys.

In Book Three, the prince and princess return to Ireland and discover that enemies close to home are threatening their way of life.

Together, they must fight the dark forces and protect everything they love.

Thanks, Cassandra, for the overview of the Princess of Nature Series.

Interviewed by Castle Swan Media.

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