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Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses

The Definitive Guide to Driving Growth and Success

By Kelly A. Mahoney

Today, small and medium businesses are faced with daunting challenges.

  • Increasing global competition

  • An unprecedented array of media and technologies

  • New and evolving buyer expectations

  • Demand for real-time and relevant brand engagement


To succeed in today’s environment, effective strategies are needed. This book is for start-ups and established companies who want to grow their business.

  • Create winning approaches to the market

  • Avoid common pitfalls, saving time and money

  • Eliminate waste on unproductive approaches and tactics

  • Accelerate revenue growth and success

Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small to Medium Businesses: The Definitive Guide to Driving Growth and Success will help you thrive in today’s complex marketplace.


Innovate and Win

90 Days to Better
Marketing Performance

By Kelly A. Mahoney

Entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses often struggle to build or evolve their marketing capabilities. This book lays out a roadmap for identifying and deploying innovation that will improve in-market results -- building both the brand and the business.

  • Develop innovation strategies

  • Leverage insights to drive positive change

  • Build a culture of innovation

  • Create a measurement plan

  • Socialize successes


The result -- tangible enhancements in 90 days:

  • Improved branding

  • Better processes

  • Increased marketing results

  • Enhanced communications

  • Accelerated revenues and speed to market


Innovate and Win: 90 Days to Better Marketing Performance will provide an innovation roadmap, proven techniques and bonus tools to help you succeed.


New Marketing In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence:

Strategies For The Modern Marketer

By Kelly A. Mahoney

The advent of AI will have a profound impact on marketing. You will find this book helpful if you want to:

  • Create competitor differentiation, leveraging AI solutions

  • Develop new AI strategies

  • Migrate to a more data-driven environment 

  • Build a modern marketing capability

  • Enhance an existing marketing function

  • Redesign the customer experience 

  • Identify ways to grow your business and increase efficiencies through AI

This book highlights the success factors that are needed to create ‘intelligent’ businesses and explores potential AI strategies to improve business performance. 

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