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Escape From Zero

  1. How would you describe Jason’s daily life in Canard?

  2. What happens when he defies consensus and stands up for 222S?

  3. What kind of relationship does Jason have with Holly? How does this evolve as his points drop?

  4. How is Chenoa different from those who live in Canard?

  5. What revelations does Jason have when he crosses the border into Devia? How does Jason react to this new reality?

  6. As Jason works with his teammates to escape, how do his relationships with them evolve? Do you consider these changes positive or negative?

  7. How would you describe One? In what ways is Jason like the king? How is he different?

  8. What can Olu teach us about forgiveness?

  9. How does Jason’s character transform on the journey to freedom?

  10. What new insights does Jason have about love?

  11. When Jason believes he is about to lose everything, what decisions does he make? Why are these significant?

  12. What is special about Hidden Moon and the people who live there?

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