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Author of Princess of Nature Series

Today, we’re here with Cassandra Finnerty to talk about her upcoming book release, Escape from Zero.


Q: How would you describe your new book?

Escape From Zero is a fantasy and science fiction novel set in the Kingdom of Canard, in the year 2268.

 Jason, the main character, has earned enough rewards to secure a beautiful girlfriend and lavish lifestyle. 

Until his unforgivable mistake. 

Now they’re trying to kill him. 

In a world where a person’s value is measured by points and evil lurks around every corner, Jason and his friends must evade the dark forces and win the game of survival.


Q: Why did you decide to write this book?

I love reading about characters and events that have shaped our history, but I’ve long held a fascination with the future. What will people be like hundreds of years from now? How will daily life differ? I believe the possibilities for advancement are limitless. If we fast forward to the unknown, there will be innovations that are beyond our current comprehension. 

Behind the glorious vision, though, lies a potential dark side. Who will control these innovations? If we have the capacity to alter our genes, what will happen to imperfect people? What rights will humans have? How will they preserve their freedoms in this new world? Will there be other life forms and discoveries that go beyond our planet?

My book highlights the dangers of consolidated power. Despite the threats, the characters leverage magic and their own talents to overcome insurmountable odds. They find a new utopia, where the human spirit can thrive. Now their mission is to destroy the corrupt crowns and open the cage of humanity.


Q: How would you describe your main protagonist?

Jason is a flawed character with a complex personality. He’s a young geneticist who started out working with humans and then made the switch to animals. 

He has a dark past but redeems himself through his actions.

Jason’s best friend and business partner is Nick. He has a girlfriend named Holly who is a spy for the kingdom.


Q: Who are your favorite characters?

There are so many, it’s hard to choose! Each one is special to me in their own way.

It was fun to create multidimensional personalities, such as King One. He has a dark past and was unable to redeem himself. Jason could have easily gone in the same direction but makes the leap to become a better and more enlightened individual. By comparing and contrasting these two characters, you can see they each traveled the same road for a while but diverged to become two very different people.

I enjoyed writing about the conflicts between characters, such as Jason and Olu.

Another fun character to write was Holly. Although she’s a minor figure, she plays the role of a spy and helps set the stage for the harrowing journey.

Chenoa is also a favorite. She’s pivotal to the story; Jason and team could not have escaped without her help!


Q: What are some of the themes in this book?

There’s an emphasis on protecting freedoms of the human spirit. Other topics include forgiveness, compassion, and redemption. One of my favorite scenes in the book is where Olu tells Jason that despite everything, he forgave him a long time ago.

Thanks, Cassandra, for the overview of Escape From Zero.

Interviewed by Castle Swan Media.

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